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Bonner Karger - Outreach Specialist / WFRP Coordinator

1525 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706


(ph) 608.262.9969
(fx) 608.265.2595

B.S. Geographic Information Systems / Cartography, 2003, Univ. of Wisconsin

As an outreach specialist, I am responsible for information dissemination through electronic media. The Department of Soil Science encompasses several websites, including this one, which are designed and maintained under my position. In addition to web work, I serve as a general technical resource around the Extension office. I spend much of my time as the presentation and materials aide for extension faculty and staff for a good portion of our state-wide outreach programming. I also assist Extension researchers with their projects in the field.

I also coordinate the Wisconsin Fertilizer Research Program and Council, which uses tonnage fee dollars from fertilizer sales in the State of Wisconsin to help fund research projects conducted through various departments under the UW College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. These projects are selected based on their proposals to better the use of chemical fertilizer in agricultural, rural, and urban applications.

Websites I administer:

Department of Soil Science
Soil Science Extension
Wisconsin Fertilizer Research Program
NPK etc. - from the Desk of Carrie Laboski
Wisconsin Agroecology Program
Nutrient Cycling and Agroecosystems Laboratory
SNAP-Plus Nutrient Management Software
Wisconsin Phosphorus Index
Wisconsin Turfgrass
UW Soils Nonpoint Project
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